Together, we work towards a world of peace, solidarity and justice. Caritas in Belgium is part of the worldwide Caritas network.


I need help. Who can I turn to?

I am looking for personal assistance in Belgium: I am a refugee or a migrant in Belgium. As a student, unaccompanied minor or in any other capacity, I am looking for help with family reunification, voluntary return, housing, medical problems. More info

I work in a guidance service or a care facility in Flanders or Brussels and I am looking for material and/or financial assistance for a person or a family under guidance. More info

I am looking for support for a person or a project: I am an employee of an organisation, in Flanders or Brussels, that helps vulnerable people or I am running a project that supports refugees or people living in poverty. I am looking for financial support for this. More info

I am setting up a project abroad and would like the support of Caritas International. I address myself to the Caritas nearest to the place where the project will be carried out. You can find all contact details, country by country, here:

I want to become a volunteer.

In the context of international solidarity: at Caritas International you can use your talents within the projects or at the headquarters in Brussels. You support refugees and people seeking international protection (asylum) or the teams in the implementation of projects and events. More info

In the context of integration of people in poverty: in Flanders or Brussels, you can help support people who live in precarious conditions and promote their integration in our society. More info

I am looking for a job or an internship.

At Caritas we are constantly looking for new talent. For all our job offers or information about submitting an unsolicited application, please visit:

I want to make a donation.

Without the generosity of our donors, Caritas would not exist. Choose the Caritas mission that best meets your needs:

Caritas International to support victims of war, violence, disasters and poverty, in their country or on the run.
IBAN : BE88 0000 4141 – BIC : BPOTBEB1
Make a donation online

Caritas Vlaanderen to support people in poverty in Flanders and Brussels.
IBAN: BE80 7765 9023 3377 – BIC: GKCCBEBB
Make a donation online

How do I include Caritas in my will?

That you can still contribute after your life to a better world for future generations is a heartwarming thought.

Caritas International: don’t hesitate to contact Gonzalo Dopchie. By phone on 0475 76 10 00 or by e-mail: More info

Caritas Vlaanderen: Contact Dominic Verhoeven on 0496 86 30 47 or by e-mail More info  

Caritas Francophone & Germanophone: contact Patrick Debucquois by e-mail:

I am looking for a training course or a workshop.

As a teacher or pupil: Caritas International develops a world citizenship education offer that is primarily aimed at 2nd and 3rd year secondary school students and their teachers. The central themes? Migration and refugees and people seeking international protection (asylum). More info

As a volunteer: Caritas Vlaanderen and Caritas International have a varied offer of training courses. More information: Caritas International or Caritas Vlaanderen.

I am a journalist and I have a question.

Caritas International (Asylum & Migration, Emergency Aid & Development): Gilles Cnockaert, – 0473 784 939.

Caritas Vlaanderen (Poverty, Identity & Pastoralism, Volunteering): Krista Caimo,

Caritas Francophone & Germanophone (poverty & solidarity): Patrick Debucquois,

I am looking for information about positions and policy influencing of Caritas in Belgium.

Caritas in Belgium takes action against injustice and dysfunction witnessed by its employees and pleads for structural solutions with politicians.

Caritas International : Tom Devriendt, – 0477 99 39 38

Caritas Vlaanderen : Krista Caimo,

Caritas Francophone & Germanophone : Patrick Debucquois,

I want to file a complaint.

Are you a victim or witness of inappropriate behaviour by a staff member or a volunteer? We treat every report confidentially.

Contact the Caritas International Integrity Officer online via or by phone at +32 476 47 23 23.

Contact the person responsible for integrity at Caritas Vlaanderen online via

All internal and external interventions are treated anonymously. Complaints that are declared admissible are noted in the complaints register. They will be handled discretely and appropriately. Information in this context is only disclosed to persons and bodies who have a legitimate reason to have access to it and/or when the law requires us to do so.

I want to know more about Caritas.

Caritas is the helping hand of the Catholic Church. It supports the poor, vulnerable and marginalised and in this way builds a better world based on justice and solidarity.

Caritas in Belgium is the Belgian representative of the worldwide Caritas network, also known as Caritas Internationalis. The confederationonalis of Caritas Internationalis has 162 members and operates in 200 countries and regions. The International Secretariat in Rome coordinates emergency interventions and sets common management standards to ensure quality. More information:

All national Caritas organisations within the international confederation are also part of their own regional network. Caritas in Belgium informs and works closely with Caritas Europa, one of the 7 regional coordination centres. Caritas Europa, headquartered in Brussels, represents the 49 European network members at the European institutions. More information:

Caritas in Belgium groups the Caritas organisations active in and from Belgium at local, regional and federal level. Caritas In Belgium represents its members at Caritas Europa and at Caritas Internationalis.

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